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4.1) Blank database

Vehicontrol uses the Microsoft Access databases, file extension .mdb

When installing the demo version, or when running for the first time, the database file that the program uses has some drivers and sample vehicles

The administrator, on the implementation of the system can be manually delete these example values or you can start from the beginning with the database in white, with this procedure:

1) Get the blank database template, the file vehicontrolblank.mdb It is available for download at this link:

2) Copy the file vehicontrolblank.mdb to your hard disk with the name that you want, for example myvehicles.mdb
3) run Vehicontrol
4) Click Menu
5) Click Files
6) Click Select database
7) If the sample database is in use and the password is needed, enter the user Carlos Torre and password 1234
8) Write the path of the database os use the Database command to select the file myvehicles.mdb
9) Click Save
10) Wait Vehicontrol close
11) Restart Vehicontrol and you will be using the new database.