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1.1) Install free 15-day evaluation version

1) Run SETUP.EXE to complete the installation process, that will automatically execute the installer program of Vehicontrol

2) Click Start and then click Vehicontrol to start the program

3) In the Vehicontrol wizard window click DEMO

4) The program will run for 15 days for free. Then it will be necessary to purchase a license to continue operating the software. The system will provide 15 additional days to have time to purchase the corresponding license.

5) Installing an update of the demo on an old version will be renewed 15 days of free evaluation.
In the event that the previously existing in the computer version is very recent may not be renewed this time automatically, and need to do so manually by installing the update with these three procedures in sequence:
- uninstall the previous version using the Windows Control Panel
- ensure the elimination of the folder c:/Program files/VEHICONTROL/
- install the new free evaluation copy.